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Detail in Design
Clarity in Creation

CG Visualisation that meets the evolving needs of your industry


Hello im Kevin and this is KBCG

Kevin Boulton headshot

My Archetype

The Creator

(Excitable, Strategic, Focussed)

A 3D designer driven by the desire to realize a vision and create something of enduring value.





The mission is to craft exceptional CG visuals that epitomize detail, reliability, and high-end quality

KBCG is a freelance 3d design partnership that uses exciting CG animated detail, to tell the story of your product or service.


3D modelling, animation, and beautiful compositing can bring to life detail in a ways other mediums cannot. The mix of a CG skill set and core graphic design knowledge is a mix that produces unique and creative results.


My mission is to craft exceptional CG visuals that epitomize detail, reliability, and high-end quality.

Specialising in, but are not limited to, storytelling visuals for 3D product stills and animation.


High Quality

A benchmark of high-end quality, appealing not just to our clients but to creatives as well.

Creative Collaboration

We embody creativity not just in our output, but in our processes. By establishing partnerships based on mutual appreciation for creativity.


We strive to produce work that not only meets expectations but also captivates and amazes, leaving a lasting impression


Attention to detail is at the core of our identity. We believe that the finest details make the grandest designs stand out.

Equilty in service

Offering our services without bias, supporting charitable causes, and upholding ethical practices. By treating every project with the same high standards, regardless of its origin, we maintain integrity and foster trust.


The Essentails


For businesses or creatives taking their first step into the world of CG visualization, the Essentails package lays the foundation for digital success.


The Professional Package

Elevate your brand with our Professional package, offering a deeper dive into the CG landscape with enhanced detail and creativity.


The Unlocked Package

For the ultimate in bespoke CG visualisation, our Unlocked package provides comprehensive services for those who accept nothing but the pinnacle of quality and innovation with more rounds of amends.


The Tester

To build trust with somebody new I understand the 1st job is normally a tester, to work out if we fit. This is why the first job you do with use comes rewarded.

  1. Discover & Define

  2. Conceptualize & Collaborate

  3. Develop & Refine

  4. Deliver

  5. Reflect & Revise

The VisionCraft Framework
A working methodology aimed at transforming client visions into meticulously crafted CG realities. Over years of creative in the graphic design industry, key principles have been refined and are held at the core of what gets me buzzing about creative.


A male Asian developer brainstorming

Unrivaled detail.

An obsession for detail and storytelling means your project elevates above everyday stock.


All assets are an investment so lets make them work hard for years to come. If the detail is not correct we will work with you until its ready for the world.

Specialised in CG.

13years + in the 3D industry means we know the CG pipeline inside and out. We know the pitfalls and peaks that come with it. We also know 3D is a tool to be creative with. Were way past knowing the software and deep in to being creative.

Lets talk...
And keep talking.

Communication is key before, during and after projects. Things change along the way, thats fine, lets keep talking. We work with you and not for you so can come up with a creative way to continue.


Why choose KBCG


Your questions, answered. Want to see/learn more, then lets start the conversation.


  • What is CG Visualisation
    CG Visualisation is when 3D and motion software bring creative concepts to life. In our case 3D assets are created allowing you to make the most of your investment by using these in CG animation over and over again with consistent results.
  • Why do I need 3D models for animation?
    3D allow you to bridge the cap that core graphic design assets cannot. With 3D you can view and animate objects from all views with super realism. No need to redraw every view for that perfect shot.
  • What is the difference between CG stills and CG animation
    Both of these make use of the same modelling and texturing processes but the main difference is the addition of the key framed/simulation animation offered with animation. The adds the extra level of excitement to the story as you see details move in any style emaginable.
  • Can you use CAD data we already have?
    Yes. This is a perfect way to get started when the hard work to get to where you are has already been done. In most cases we an take the CAD data and now texture and light this inside our render engine.
  • What is rendering?
    This is when all the hard work of modelling, texturing, lighting and animation compute in to individual frames ready to composite back together in a to a movie file. This stage is key and need clear and decisive sign off before moving forward. We are the experts and can guide you though so don't worry.
Package your interested in.

Get in Touch

Evenings 6pm>

Weekends 9am-6pm

All projects are undertaken in evenings and weekends. For more information contact me on.


UK based

3D designer

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Stopping Power
VR ai service assistant. Now that would be useful right? Picture knowing everything just by looking at an object. AI does the rest. Cyberpunk meets VR in the not so distant future.

Gilded Frog
A full motion graphic animation built for use at an exhibition stand to show the tech and minds behind these brilliant cleaning robots. The strategy and creative thinking behind them will leave you wanting more. Look out for them in a hotel near you.
A fantastic annual competition sets the taste of entering the automotive world with an open ended competition entry. This is a great way of bench marking skills and mentoring designers.I have had the privilege of winning over the years so this it only right these get a special space to showcase them. 

Hinting back to my product design days comes a creative way to get your morning coffee. Info-graphics wrapped around a hot swap Portafilter handle. The coffee industry needs a marketing shake up. 3D allows 2D and 3D to come together in beautiful detail.

Benchmarking our own skills is continuous along side live projects. Playing with new skills just allows us to bring more creativity to projects. CG never stops. Have a look.

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